The earth is at its end; all its natural resources are exhausted. To live there is now impossible. Get into your spaceship and colonize a new planet with your friends!

On Carbonia you manage your own land and grow extraordinary animals. Test your strategic skills and save your new home from destruction. Be careful: unknown beings who are keen on your harvest lurk in the bushes. Together with your friends you have to fight for your survival on Carbonia. And remember: you are what you eat!

Share your meal with Carbonia: get important resources by uploading pictures of your food. So your animals have something of it, too. By rating the food photos of your fellow players at the Tree of Life, you will receive healing points that your animals will enjoy after a fight.

Let the fields flourish: plant your collected seeds and grow your farm. Explore the land of your friends to see who has grown the greenest fields and the strongest animals.

Defend yourself: your animals will stand by you against the dangerous Carbonia creatures. Treat them well!


Android 8 (Google Play)
Android 5 (Website)
17.01.2019 (Google Play)
17.01.2019 (Website)

Website: https://carbonia-eat-seed-breed.net/